Aug 18 - 2022

Version 1.2 released

We released a new version of Ape Now dApp to the public. The updates include improvements to the NFT purchase experience and a new partnership with Spicyest. We break down below Ape Now v1.2 updates in more depth.

Spicyest integration

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Spicyest, a pricing and analytics platform to help NFT traders. Spicyest will be able to bring you the best opportunities to purchase your favorite NFTs with Ape Now Pay Later.

Connect your wallet

It is now possible to easily connect to your Metamask, Wallet Connect and Coinbase wallet in Ape Now. Click on the Connect Wallet button on the top right corner of the navigation bar to open your wallet of choice and start browsing NFTs.

Network modal

When interacting with our dApp, a modal will open if you are not connected to the correct blockchain network. Ape Now currently runs in Ethereum mainnet only.

New collections added

3 new NFT collections arrived to Ape Now!

NFT  availability check

When selecting from the available collections and inputting a token ID, our API will be able to check if the NFT is available for purchase instead of showing an error message.

OpenSea API

When you select an NFT, the collection name, image and token id will be displayed on screen, as well as its purchase availability on OpenSea.

Back-end checks and balances

For more security, we added checks and balances to our dApp, such as signature version and signature expiry in the CRA (credit risk algorithm).

Empowering Buyers

Financially empower anyone to be apart of a NFT community

Secure Purchase

Secure NFT purchase price and pay over time

Empowering Buyers

We support over X amount of collections

No hidden fees

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No prepayment fees

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